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Summer is fast approaching and if you are anything like me you are starting to wonder what in the world you are going to do when the kids are home… all day… every day. Chances are you have some activities lined up for the summer break but I know that those inbetween days, when mommy needs a break and the kids are still going at 100mph, can get a bit stressful and it’s those days that can make summer break a not-so-fun experience for both parent and child. “Those days” were making me anxious about the though of summer break. I know that it is supposed to be a time of enjoying your family togetherness but I go into the break unprepared — and it shows. But I have found a wonderful resource that has helped me put summer break back into a fun exciting perspective.

I recently came across an amazing book called The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections written by Amanda Blake Soule, owner of the blog SouleMama. Her book is an easy to read portrait of the creativity that happens in her home and how she is able to fully enjoy every moment spent with her children. It has a very personable warm feel to it which evokes the desire to splash that same feeling onto my children. There are helpful tips and tricks that Amanda uses in her own home on how to organize the daily masterpieces created by young hands along with simple illustrated tutorials to get the crafting spark ignited in your home. There are sections dedicated to outdoor exploration, tradition making, and how to slow down and really connect with your children through crafting and creativity. 

The Creative Family has challenged me to be more purposeful with every moment I have with my children. There are some ideas that I am taking directly away from this book such as a how to better organize our dress-up area and how to turn my children’s art into three dimentional toys. There are also things that I have adapted from the book to suit my family such as how to have a more purposeful meal time. And then there are things that were never mentioned directly in the book but have come to fruition because of it. I guess what I’m saying is that, on so many different levels, this book has been an awesome inspiration to me and my family. 

Now I want to pass this bit of inspiration on to you. The wonderful people at have offered to give a book to one of our readers. 

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Thank you so much for everyone who participated. We will be anouncing the winner shortly.

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9 Responses to “The Creative Family Giveaway”

  1. Jenna Says:

    My favorite summer memory: Every summer, about the first week of break, our neighborhood would have a huge bonfire! All of the kids would bring their stacks of graded homework and projects and throw them in the fire. We would roast hotdogs and smores and watch as our previous school year burnt away.

  2. cheri Says:

    My favorite summer memories are new….I hardly remember life before my husband and daughter came into my life. So, now, warm days watching my favorite two people play in the front yard as the sun goes down and the day ends are my favorite memories.

  3. Amy Says:

    Riding on a catamaran in the Gulf of Mexico with my family. The area we were at now has oil 7 miles from its shores. I will treasure the memory that is not likely able to be repeated in my lifetime.

  4. Laura Says:

    My favorite summer memory is spending time in Eugene, OR at my grandparents. Their home is my favorite vacation spot. They live outside the city and have 20 acres of forested land. As a child it was amazing place to play and visit family. I learned a lot of life lessons out there. Now as an adult I love visiting to get out of the crazy city of Tacoma.

  5. Marty Says:

    My favorite summer memories are of the trips we’d take to Yosemite each summer. It’s been awhile now since we went, but for quite a few years as a kid and then a teen we’d stay for an entire week surrounded by that natural beauty. My VERY favorite moment from this was when we would grab our flashlights in the evening and traipse over to a large meadow that had a wooden path going down it…we’d lay down right there and look at the stars, which seemed huge and close enough to touch with the absence of ambient city light. It was amazing, a moment I associate with total peace and joy.

  6. Amber Says:

    My favorite summer memory was my whole family getting together for the 4th of July and a family reunion- and I mean my WHOLE family! All my cousins, aunts, uncles, even second cousins would come to our house where we would have our own fireworks and firecrackers in our backyard and the adults and teens even started a pop-bottle rocket war! Crazy, I know, but it made great memories! Sometimes we would sleep on our trampoline in sleeping bags and we had a little bonfire for hot dogs and marshmallows. We would also go camping together. It was really cool to be able to spend good quality time with not only my parents and siblings, but also all my other family- we’re still all very close!

  7. Nell Says:

    My favorite summer break memory is going out to pick blueberries with my family.

  8. Nell Says:

    My favorite summer break memory is going out to pick blueberries with my family. We ate and picked blueberries all afternoon then got to eat a lot of blueberry jam and pies. Nowadays, we grow our own blueberry plants, so going out to pick them isn’t quite as special as it used to be!

  9. trudy Says:

    When I was growing up, we always moved to wherever our dad was working for the railroad. It was a hardship (or so we thought then) to move out into the boondocks miles from others, but now I remember the good times as family as we played cards by kerosine lantern, mom taught us how to clean, make blankets, worked on 4-H and Scout projects, and ‘walked the tracks’ by moon light. Not too bad as my thinking went retrospective. I miss those days.