Sally’s Longies: wool pants to fit a 12 inch baby doll

Though Sally’s knit pants, woolies, longies, whatever you would like to call them, weren’t perfect but they were perfect enough. I have revised my improvised pattern and written an actual pattern that would better fit Sally if I wanted to make her another pair. Some things I have adjusted are the thigh is wider and the legs and drawstring are just a bit longer. These longies should fit your standard 12 inch child’s doll. The instructions were written for double pointed needles (dpns) but you are more than welcome to use any method of circular knitting you would like.

12 inch doll longies

about 2oz of aran weight wool yarn
size US8 dpn

Guage isn’t that important but for those of you who would like to know: 4.5st x 6rows = 1″x1″


Rnd = round
st(s) = stitch(es)
k = knit
p = purl
yo = yarn over
slPpsso = slip the first stitch, purl the next stitch and pass the slipped stitch over the purled stitch
ssk = slip next two stitches purlwise onto the right needle and then knit those two stitches together
k2tog = knit the next two stitches together
kfb = knit in the front and back of the stitch
*if you need any of these stitches explained better, leave me a comment and I’ll get a photo how to posted up for you*

Cast on 44 stitches onto 4 double pointed needles.  10 stitches on the first needle, 12 on the second, 12 on the third, and 10 on the fourth.  That is how I distributed them, but if you don’t like purling between two needles then arrange them how it’s most comfortable for you and then once you finish round 9 you can redistribute. 

Rnd 1-6:  k2p2 rib
Rnd 7:  set up for the drawstring holes.  *k2, yo purlwise, p2 yo by passing yarn over top of right needle to back* repeat to end of round
Rnd 8:  *k2, p2tog, slPpsso* repeat to end of round
Rnd 9:  k2p2

Rnd 10-19: k  all

Short row bum shaping:
*note: I used the wrapped short row method but you can use any method you are comfortable with.
Rnd 20: k to the last stitch on your first DPN.  Turn for your first short row. Wrap and purl the other direction.  Purl to the last stitch on the 4th needle.  Turn, wrap and knit to the second to the last stitch on the 1st needle.  Turn, wrap and purl to the second to the last stitch on the 4th needle.  Repeat 2 more times going to the 3rd to the last stitch and then the 4th to the last stitch consecutively.
Rnd 21: You should be knitting now.  Knit all the way around making sure you close the short rows on both sides.
Rnd 22:  k to the last 2 sts

Dividing for the crotch and legs:
Slip the next 4st onto 1 dpn.  Put the next 18 st onto waste yarn.  Put the next 4 onto another dpn.
Use a Kitchner stitch to seam the 8 st that you placed on the dpn together.  A great Kitchner tutorial is found here.

Distribute remaining 18 st between 3 dpns.  Needle 1 – 4st, needle 2 – 7st, needle 3 – 7st.
Rnd 23: Pickup and knit 3 st at the crotch on needle 1 and continue to k all the way around
Rnd 24-37: k
Rnd 38-40: Cuff as desired.  My girl is a girly girl so I chose ruffles.  A seed stitch would work well here too.  Just k1p1 for 3 rows and everything will fall into place.

For the second leg, place the stitches on the waist yarn back on 3dpn, distribute like before and repeat Leg instructions.

For the ruffles:
*note: be sure to work loosely or you will be pulling your hair out by the end*
Rnd 1:  kfb of every stitch
Rnd 2: k
Rnd 3: repeat row 1

Bind- off, break yarn and pull through the last stitch.
Weave in ends.

*note: I used a crocheted drawstring but feel free to use which ever style drawstring you are comfortable with.
with a size J crochet hook, chain 75. Turn. In the second chain from the hook, slip stitch in the back of the chain and continue on to the end. Weave in ends.

Insert drawstring. Pick out where you feel the middle should be and start weaving the drawstring under the knit stitches and over the purled stitches. Tie a knot at each end of the drawstring to keep the woven ends in place.

Block if you feel like it and enjoy a very happy child playing with the new clothes you just made for their dolly.

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2 Responses to “Sally’s Longies: wool pants to fit a 12 inch baby doll”

  1. Christine Says:

    Oh, my goodness! These are so cute! My girls would love these for their dolls. Thank you for sharing the pattern!

  2. Amie Says:

    awesome! I’d love to see a pic of them when you finish :)