In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite – Book Review

So much more than just a recipe book, “In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite” takes you on a journey of cooking. The stories behind the recipes, the insights into the life of culinary creator and writer Melissa Clark, and a clear passion for good food sets this book apart from your typical “cookbook.” While certainly you will find practical recipes that you are sure to use, the story telling makes it a personal adventure into the discovery of new dishes.

You may recognize the name Melissa Clark since she’s the New York Times Dining columnist. Clearly and expert when it comes to writing about food she brings those skills to this book. A memoir novel and cookbook rolled into one, you’ll be entertained and educated all at once.

The only downside of this book is its lack of pictures. I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me want to get in the kitchen and try out a new recipe like an enticing photo that gets your appetite tempted and your culinary ambition motivated. While the stories and recipes do indeed spark a similar desire, a few photos beyond the cover shot would’ve taken this book from an 8 to a 10 for me.

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